• The overall goal of the project was to show immigration is good and that we should let immigrants in the country if they have visa. Also to show people should not be racist to immigrants and the challenges

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    This video is about immigrants and how they all have different visa. There are student visa and work visa, resident visa and family visa. This video talks about how work visa people usually get low leveled jobs.

  • I think it is Very sad and i am disgusted when immigration officers break Family apart. I think family should stick together no matter, what and it is not right for an Immigration officer to break a family apart. I advise you to check out my website i talk a lot about Immigration.

  • America is hard working, America have all different culture were you get a little bit of knowledge of culture even if you don’t realize it. America is history because we are very diverse in all culture. We are very innovative and all culture in America help with this. I advise you to check out my website i talk a lot about Immigration.…[Read more]

  • Dear Noah
    I agree with your comment that America is not just the United States it is also other countries like Mexico and Brazil. I think we should all work as a continent and not be isolated. We should do what the European Union does and make a America Union with both North and South America. This would be good because everyone who participate…[Read more]

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