• I chose my digital activism project because I wanted to bring to light the rarely discussed topic of taxation of feminine hygiene products. This is something that is rarely discussed in society, to the point

  • Dear Caleigh,

    I am interested in, your post because stigma on periods is something that I also believe is a serious issue in society.

    One thing you said that stands out for me is: “many girls are embarrassed of the sounds made from hygiene products, so they avoid using them at school or in public, and many citizens and international women said t…[Read more]

  • Dear joseph,
    I deeply agree with your article. A lot of food in America goes to waste, while in other poor countries food is not easily accessible to them. Peopke should donate more to the poorer countries, and this shouldn’t even be a problem. Something that interests me was: “Why don’t the wealthy countries just donate food to the poor…[Read more]

  • The subject of police brutality is a growing issue, but the simple fact is that African Americans are scared to have encounters with police officers. They are seeing other African-Americans getting killed in the

    • Dear Jada,
      I agree with you that many people are scared of the police not just because they think they might get arrested but because sometimes some of the cop’s could get a little aggressive and start hurting someone. I don’t think it’s fair that many people get hurt by the police just because of their race or anything else. In my opinion I think it is really horrible and unfair that all these people are getting hurt for no reason because even if the victim did something bad that doesn’t mean that they should go and hurt them more. Many people get hurt just because of their race and many other things and police should stop abusing them. If someone was being abused by a police then they should report that cop.

    • I agree with you 100 percent because police brutality is a huge issue that’s happening in the United States right now. Excessive force or even worse getting shot has been making not just African Americans but also Latinos or any race honestly. Police do take all the power they have to the head, mainly targeting anybody who is innocent. Everybody has the same rights, it shouldn’t be one side has rights and the other doesn’t, one side being able to relax and enjoy life, while the other has to constantly watch there backs making sure they have everything that wont get them shot or hurt or anything.

  • Dear Jury,
    I agree with you because, school does put a lot of stress on students from the workload that we have, to the tests and quizzes. This article stood out to me because, I felt like it was something that I could relate to. While reading this article it really surprised me as well that stress can cause so much damage to the brain. “The…[Read more]

  • Dear Ben,
    I agree with you that teens today are heavily influenced by brand that they see advertised by celebrities, or worn by other people their age. “People see famous people wearing the product on social media and automatically feel a need to wear Supreme.” As I agree with this, I also disagree because, some people wear the brand because they…[Read more]

  • Dear Andres,
    The article “police Brutality” deeply interested me and made me want to read more into the topic. In my opinion, I deeply agree with your claim that African Americans are scared to have encounters with police officers. “The divide between both parties has become more prominent around the nation as videos showing police officers s…[Read more]

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