• With this project, my group mates and I hoped to raise awareness to an issue that woman all over the world have to face everyday, paying the luxury tax on their menstrual products.

    Unfortunately, raising

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    Dear Ritwika,

    I agree with your claims about wanting NYC to be the best city in the world for sanitation. I think personally that New York is very dirty and has lots of litter everywhere. I am glad you talked about how marine litter effects ocean ecosystems like when you said “As a result of accidentally ingesting this litter, marine species may…[Read more]

  • Similar to women in prison not receiving the necessary hygienic products that they need, pads and tampons, women who aren’t incarcerated also have a problem obtaining the menstrual products they need due to the luxury tax placed on them. If you read the blog posts made on, https://luxurytaxaintit.wordpress.com/, you’ll find a lot of information on…[Read more]

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