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Baccalaureate School for Global Education

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Queens, New York, USA

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Shantanu Saha

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My name is Raeesah Iram. I like to read a lot and I love to listen to rock music from after the 2000s and modern rock. I was born on April 17, 2004. An important turning point for me was when I started going to Baccalaureate. I lived in Jackson Heights until 2013, and then I moved to Jamaica Estates.

I like to read, learn, and eat in school. I go to math club since I really like math and I learn a lot in math club, almost as much as I learn in class. In class, I am really good at chemistry as I am good at memorizing things and the math behind the elements and compounds. I am also good at math as I like to calculate things. I am good at ELA as I am good at reading and analyzing things. I also like gym as I am athletic and like moving around.

Out of school, I like sports, like soccer and basketball. I like to read for fun. I also love listening to music, especially rock. I am great at sports, reading, and design. I became this way because I love moving around, words, drawing, and computers.

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