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NYC Clinics Reflection

The goal of our project was to raise awareness and improve the quality of clinics in New York City, a problem that has been around for a long period of time. Our project has been moderately successful in spreading the message about our cause because a few people found our work sublime. Our project is more successful on social media […]

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New York City’s Healthcare

Above I have embedded the presentation that I created as a way to bring awareness to how the lack of a consistent healthcare plan in New York City may have contributed to the exponential rises in sexually transmitted diseases across the boroughs. The general topic that my partner and I’s blog discusses is the quality of healthcare and affordable clinics […]

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The Lion and The Mouse Remixed

My story is adapted from the original story The Lion and The Mouse by Aesop. Overall, the story incorporates a mouse going into a lion’s cave, and that lion wanting to eat the mouse. The mouse doesn’t wish to die, so they say that they will help the lion when they need it if they let them go. The lion […]

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Gender Equality

When gender equality is discussed, the discussions lean towards ideas that will help women be recognized as men’s equals. However, in many other parts of the world, women are seen as inferior to men and are punished for doing/saying things that a man is considered to have every right to say/do. Some women around the world are not allowed to […]

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