• I chose the topic of child abuse for my digital activism topic for multiple reasons. The first being that when one thinks of domestic abuse, their mind does not directly go to child abuse specifically. People

    • Dear Tasnia
      I enjoyed reading your opinion about child abuse, one sentence you wrote that really stood out to me was when you said “child abuse got my attention and will also get yours because once you take a look at satistics you are immedietly hooked too the topic” I thimk you did a great job writing this paragraph even tho you didnt really go too in depth about child abuse i really liked and enjoyed your writing.

      • Hi! I find your article extremely informative and full of important information that most might not be aware of. I find the chart that you included to be quite useful to understand just how dire this situation is. 10% of girls as young as 13 have experienced some form of sexual harassment. I find this absolutely disgusting and shocking, young…[Read more]

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