• I started this project with a group of friends to raise awareness for period poverty and the luxury tax that is placed on menstrual products. We wanted to let people know why this tax should be removed for all

  • This video right here is a presentation I did for my school that talks about period poverty all around the world. Period poverty is a serious issue that’s about how much sufferance women have to go through to get

  • Dear Caleigh:

    I am extremely intrigued by your article, “Stigmas with Menstruation,” because… it was so interesting for me to find out today how women in other countries in the world have to deal with periods. I live in America as well, so to see how women have it so hard in foreign countries is so shocking to me. The fact that women can’t affor…[Read more]

  • My story is based on the original fairy tale called “The Three Little Pigs.” My animation is only about the third little pig, and the big bad wolf. In the original, the wolf keeps tricking the pig, and eventually

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    Dear Jaiden,
    I agree with you, and fall is also my favorite season. I love how you included the positives and negatives about the season. When you said “But fall also means more energy and gas use which pollutes.” I fully agreed with that and like how even though you contradicted yourself and said something negative, to make it good again you…[Read more]

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    Dear Xochitl,
    I agree with your post a lot and also think that climate change is a really big issue that needs to be addressed. I really like the sentence “The burning of fossil fuels releases CO2 gas, which is a greenhouse gas, that raises the overall temperature of the atmosphere.” because I feel like it says so much and such a big reason…[Read more]

  • Many people argue about what kind of pet they want or they should have. Some people have cats, dogs, fish, pigs, etc. I think the best type of pet would be a dog. Any type of dog; if it’s a golden retriever, a

  • Dear Benjamin,

    I am very fascinated by your post “Gang Violence in our world” because it really shows a good reason why kids should not join any kinds of gangs for any reason, even if they are influenced by many around them. It is a bad idea and they would not realize it, but it would hurt them later in life. Also, because of this they would quit…[Read more]

  • Dear Juray,

    I am very amused and can totally relate to with your post “School Stressed” because I think every student at some point from elementary school to college can connect to this and would be very stressed because of school. Even in the simplest things, I still get stressed.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “The s…[Read more]

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    Dear Justin,

    I like your post “Why I Stress” because it relates to almost every student out there since we all have some stress due to either school, homework or anything else. Also, it connects to me strongly because I can also relate to this post because I am very stressed many times due to school.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me…[Read more]

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