• The overall goal of our project was to spread awareness regarding the selling of nicotine products among minors and the taking of said products among minors as well. Our project has been very unsuccessful because

  • I chose my topic regarding nicotine because I have had personal experiences about nicotine. I myself have never and would never take any nicotine product because of the experiences that I have had and the people

  • Johan, I mean it when I say that this is an extremely insightful blog post with accurate information ranging from the selling of tobacco in general to the selling of e-cigarettes and electronic devices. I really like how you tied them all together and how you display the facts in an unbiased manner. I also like how you attribute the increasing…[Read more]

  • A man named John and his friend or “other” go to the “Fountain of Youth” to get younger. But, Jane gets greedy, which causes a mirage of problems.

    I created this godly scratch animation by using an effective