• When this project was first started, our group decided that our goal should ultimately be to have people understand that littering is a big problem, and thus decrease the amount of times people littered, both in

  • Above is a video I made about littering in the New York City subway system. Littering is a giant problem all over the world, presenting dangers both to humans and to wildlife. Its impact on humans is very

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    Dear Jessica,
    I am impressed with the amount of research you put in to your blog post, because it supports all the information you are including to prove your point is correct. A well-researched fact makes your opinion stronger, and you clearly have taken this into consideration by finding a great amount of evidence for your topic. I was…[Read more]


    “The Fairies” is a fairy tale collected by Charles Perrault. It is about a girl who receives the gift of having jewels fall out of her mouth after giving water to a beggar disguised as a fairy. Her sister is

  • Dear Stella:

    I agree with your post, “I feel _________ now that Donald Trump is President” because I as well don’t know how to feel about Donald Trump being president.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “So, I don’t think that he can ruin America as much as people think he can.” I think this is true because he was a Democrat…[Read more]

  • While creating this animation, I went through a series of steps that helped make it as good as possible. First, before I even started working on this project, I created a few simple animations on Scratch (the