• The purpose of my project was to spread awareness about drunk driving. Drinking and driving crashes are very common and are one of the leading causes of not only car crashes, but also deaths. The goal was to

  • Drunk driving has a huge impact on society and on people’s lives, and there needs to be ways to spread awareness about it. If people were more educated and aware about it, there would perhaps be a decrease in the

    • Hi Natalia,
      I agree with you! Drunk driving is still a serious problem. I believe people don’t understand how serious it is. You could kill someone, a human being who is just like you! You could be in jail for how many years! That is not how you live life.

      I love your video! Very good statistics. But I have a question for you. Do you think you could make a video on what to do when you see a drunk person who is about to drive? I see that drunk driving often happens after a group setting. I believe there are people who are not as drunk that don’t step up and tell the drunk person, “No, don’t drive. Stay here for now.”

      Just a thought but you did an AMAZING JOB!


  • Dear Wendy :
    I am impressed by your post “Don’t Drink and Drive,” because I completely agree with your theory that teenagers need to be educated in order to decrease the amount of drink driving cases and the amount of deaths caused by them. It is truly devastating to a family for a family to lose a teenager to such a preventable cause.
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  • I took Charles Perrault’s original fairytale “Blue Beard”, summarized it into a comic, and then made it into an animation. The story Blue Beard is about a man with a blue beard who has a terrible past with his

  • First, I made the script in google docs and revised it a couple times. My animation was separated to three acts in my script. After, to help me realize how the project would look as an animation, we used the