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Trans Health Blog Reflection

When I started my project I wanted to raise awareness for the issue trans patients face, and partially to vent my own frustrations.  Overall, the project failed because very few people saw the blog, and as such not many people learned about my issue. That being said, I did succeed in learning about the subject personally and venting my frustrations […]

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Medical education about LGBT health

I chose to make a video about this because in my personal transition I have encountered a fair amount of incompetence from the professionals involved. In fact right now I am a month late on my second lupron shot because there has been a delay at the pharmacy and now there are issues getting ahold of the clinic. So issues […]

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The Trees and The Axe–Remixed

My seventh grade tech project was to make a new version of an already existing story  as well as making an alternate ending.  I was told to put that story onto this website, and that is what I am doing. My script was extremely fun to make, as I was able to add to an existing story and write my […]

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Healthcare Hipocrisy

In 2009/2010, Paul Ryan criticized Democrats for not reading the whole ACA and passing it on a whim, and yet, this year, republicans are openly admitting to having voted for the bill without reading it.  Of course, passing a bill without reading it is abhorrent, but what disgusts me even more is the open hypocrisy displayed by the conservative representatives.  Many […]

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