• The issue I am discussing in my video are the Myanmar refugees. They are a group of refugees from Myanmar who have been treated unfair in the last decade. They have escaped from the violence that they have

    • Dear Sheikh,
      I am interested in your post because of how you were able to discuss the persecution the Rohingya face from Myanmar’s government. After all, I also have a blog focused on the Rohingya refugees I want to raise awareness about this crisis.
      One thing you said that stands out for me is: “No one is taking care of them and their problems aren’t being discussed … After research on these refugees, I learned about the horrifying things that has happened to them.” I think this is interesting because of how many people are still unaware of this issue. In addition, you also discussed how you learned more about the Rohingya after researching, which shows me that you were also able to learn more about the Rohingya too.
      Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. I also made a video about Rohingya refugees and the persecution they faced throughout history. I felt that it was important to address their history because not many people of this issue or how they had to seek refuge in camps in neighboring countries like Bangladesh. I also talked about the UN’s role for the persecution the Rohingya face and how it led to more studies about the Rohingya.
      I look forward to seeing what you write next because I hope to read more information about the Myanmar crisis and many stories about the Rohingya. This way, I can also get more insight on your views on this issue and potential ways to support them. Through your efforts of making this post, people can become more aware of the persecution the Rohingya face. If you want to go visit my blog that focuses on Rohingya refugees the link is: https://rohingyarefugees92.home.blog/.

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