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Rangeview High School

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Aurora, Colorado, USA

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Jordan Carter

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I’m Jason Abraham Chavez Arriaga Ramos Campos and I’m a student from Rangeview High School. I’m a very understanding person and can work with anyone, then I work every hard when it came into doing work or play soccer. I was born on April 03, 2001. Something very important that have ever happened to me was when my little brother was born in 2012. I used to live in Denver for a while, then I moved back to Aurora.
In school, I enjoy going to my Sports Medicine class. I like going to school since I have 1st, 4th, and 5th period off, meaning I have a really long lunch. Then, I see all of my friends everyday during my classes, lunch or after school. I also joined the high school soccer team and made the varsity team. I’m pretty good when it comes to math. Math is my best subject, but there are times when I struggle so much when I try to do some math problems.
After school, I usually go to soccer practice, either with the school or my soccer club team. If not, I always go out to hangout with my friends. Also, I spend time with my family a lot and try to do something with my parents. Then, I go out to play soccer at an adult league every week. I got this way because I’m motivated in soccer and my friends are a big chunk of my life, so I spend time doing what I love.

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