•      This issue is important to me because I love animals a lot. My cousin’s have a dog named Hugo who I love a lot. I think dogs love people unconditionally and are so pure that they don’t deserve to be mistre

    • I agree with you that puppy mills are bad but, there is a difference between puppy mills and breeders. Puppy mills produce litter after litter of dogs and they don’t care about the wellbeing of the puppies or the mother. They keep them in tight and disturbing spaces. All they care about is the money. Leginament breeders produce litters that will better the breed. All leginament breeder get multiple health test performed on both the mother and the father. After the puppies are born they spend at least 7 weeks loving, nurturing, and caring for the puppies. They spend days trying to find the perfect match between for puppy and the owners. I also agree with you that animals need to get adopted from the shelters. Every animal that is born deserves a chance to have a loving family.

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