• SarahJudge
  • Hi, Michelle

    Thank you for writing this post to suggest ideas for us. In my mind, I think people are afraid of clowns today also because the makeup of clowns has changed over time with film and television, becoming more intimidating with some added elements. Likewise, some people are afraid of clowns because they may have been scared by their…Read More

  • Good morning, Jazmine

    Thank you for introducing yourself to us. I liked the way you presented yourself and the content. Through your post, we got to know your family, culture, and the views you support for the community. I hope you will present us with such an excellent post again.

    Sarah Zhang

  • Sarah wrote a new post

    The Life Reality for the Struggling Class

    Barbara Enrenreich wrote the nonfiction book Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America in 2001. As a response to the 1996 welfare reform act concerning the working class in the United States society, the book recorded Enrenreich’s...

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  • Sarah wrote a new post

    War hurts people tremendously

    The war sacrificed countless lives and caused tremendous physical and mental trauma to the survivors. Many people know that war is cruel. Many people lost their lives in combat. However, those who have experienced war first know how brutal and...

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    • What a fascinating topic you have chosen Sarah! You might be interested in some of the many provocative questions this war photographer asks in this podcast. You have to listen carefully, but I think it might be worth the effort:

    • Dear Sarah Z,
      I am truly interested in your post, “What Hurts People Tremendously,” because it demonstrates the aftermath of war and what it can cause on a person. It also goes to show that soldiers can grealty be affected by horrific events and have their mental health destroyed.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “However if you put yourself in this position, the problem will change—people who were displaced and lived in the war every day. Any language and description are pale. ” I think this is important because war does have the capacity to seriously affect a person and cause further bodily injury.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because this is something that needs to have more attention brought towards it.
      – Brenda

    • Dear Sarah Z,
      I really like your post and I could not agree more about your point of view on war. People always talk war hurts people but they did not really talk about how it hurt people and what is actually hurting the people. It is great that you took the problem to the depth and talk about what is really hurting people and it gives the audience a bigger picture about war. Thank you for your writing!

  • Dear Dominic,

    I understand you in your sentence, “the Taliban will not let girls go to school and be normal people”.

    Racial discrimination and gender discrimination allow people to throw maliciousness at others. Inequality in society has also aroused people’s anti-social psychology, and many reasons have led to distortions in people’s mentality.…Read More

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