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    Why do we like concerts?

    We have concerts because we love them but, once the concerts start heading the wrong way it tends not to be as fun as before. Just like the AstroWorld concert with Travis Scott, everyone didn’t feel as safe as...

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    • I really like what you said when you were talking about how we go to concerts and we feel like we belong because we are with “our people.” I think we all feel like we belong when we are having fun with those around you and that’s all you think about.

  • Drew, you are right now, summary and all, loved the movie and loved how it’s a happily ever after with their relationship. I would like to watch the movie all over again but it won’t have the same feelings as the first time. Love the writing and can’t wait for more perfectly explained movie summaries.

  • I really love your post, Jose. As a student who has to wear uniforms at school, like what you and Lei Bao have said, “Last but not least, wearing uniforms helps students focus on studying by reducing the comparison”. I want to be able to focus on my assignments then worried about what everyone would think about my outfit in the morning. I…Read More

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    Does Money Buy Happiness?

    I believe the money would buy happiness because without money you would be stressed and crying in a Kia and not a Porshe. Since money is how we get through life and the world, having money would solve at...

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    • Mary,

      I agree that money can buy happiness if not buy then certainly lead to it. I feel the best way to explain to those that don’t see money buying happiness is “being able to live instead of surviving.” Coming and seeing families financially struggle often have the factors of stress, frustration, and fear on a daily when trying to get by. I feel like those with money don’t see it buying or leading to happiness because they don’t have those financial struggles or fears. I could assume their stress levels are lower compared to those with lower incomes because as you mentioned “if you’re mentally struggling you could get better help like going to therapy and health meetings to better yourself.

      In the article “Can Money Buy Happiness?” by Sarah Gervais she states:

      “Having a higher income, for example, can give us access to homes in safer neighborhoods, better health care and nutrition, fulfilling work, and more leisure time.”

      I don’t believe those that don’t struggle would be happy having homes or even considering having homes in areas that aren’t “as safe.” I appreciate you giving me insight on all of this. Your writing was east to follow and understand. I hope to be able to read more of your work.

      Thank you!

    • Mary,

      I was very interested in your topic. I think you made some great points and gave me a different perspective. You laid out your post very nicely and it was easy to see the main point. After reading I wanted to find more information so I found this article that you might be interested in. I personally think that money in some ways can but happiness but not always. For people who are struggling with money and can’t afford the necessities then money can buy you happiness by providing you with those necessities. This quote stood out to me; “Having money would solve at least most financial problems”. It is true if you have the money and don’t need to worry about financial problems you will be so much happier and less stressed. I enjoyed reading your post. Thank you.

  • Love your work Nate, your points and reasoning about the athletes and how it has or hasn’t affected the player. “You are going to need some type of medicine to help yourself, so why not a universal, safe, naturally occurring drug instead of opioids?”, it was a good point on how it benefits them. I believe other people need to understand how…Read More

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Why do we like concerts?

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