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  • This is a extensive and in depth post, well done! I would have to agree with you on just about every point you made within this post here. If the world is to end up in a dystopia it would certainly be one of controlled data and endless surveillance. The fact that you can get such targeted ads without giving Google access to your microphone on PC,…Read More

  • This was a well written post! For further reading or perhaps research on this topic take a look into who had the most money at various points in history and who they supported. It is often the victors of wars or those with an absurd amount of money who end up having the final say in what our image of history is.

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    Book Review; The Industrialization of Soviet Russia

    The Industrialization of Soviet Russia was written by R.W. Davies, a lead professor for Soviet and eastern studies at the university of Glasgow during the 1960s. While the book is certainly not for everyone, I found thorough enjoyment of...

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    • Huck, I loved how you said that this book was boring at first, but you got more into as you read on. I feel that same feeling a lot when I’m reading nonfiction as well. I would love to know what the situation was like in Ukraine before they became independent in 1991. Does the book talk about this at all? If so, could you provide any specific details to me? I’d love to hear more about Russia’s current incursion on Ukraine and the history behind that. Always great hearing from you, Paul

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    Why virtual courtrooms are becoming so dangerous

    The American justice system is under threat from alt right trolls from across the internet. Many courtrooms have recently been compromised by alt right trolls from across the nation doxxing and gathering information on vulnerable defendants in order to...

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    • This is an alarming threat because courtrooms are supposed to allow people to reach some type of justice and accountability. Now that that is being threatened, the justice system is being further pushed into the deep end. So many people have lost faith in our justice system and now with the untrustworthiness behind online court cases, I am not surprised if people lose more faith. This also brings up the point for hard hard it would be to run these cases for lawyers, clerks, judges, bailiffs, and more.

    • Huck,
      It’s a real shame that this is a problem that needs to be addressed. Given the sensitive nature of court cases, it’s mystifying why it’s difficult for them to be set up securely. Our own school can set a password to restrict access, why can’t the government?
      Internet court cases have the advantage that it provides safety from those most vulnerable to disease; but it must also protect those most vulnerable to harassment.

  • Dear Brooklyn, I love the opening to the podcast. I think that the mental health aspect of climate change is something that is far too often overlooked by people everywhere. There certainly is a struggle understanding that our job as generation Z is to conquer climate change. We must make sure that our concern does not spiral downward into…Read More

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