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    Wolf of Wall Street

    The book I read was Wolf of Wall Street by Jordan Belfort. It is a very well-known story ever since it was created into a movie directed by Martin Scorsese. It is a true story about his crazy life...

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    Should College Athletes Be Paid?

    College athletes are very talented in what they do, that is why they are in the position they are in. They train their entire lives to do what they love to do, they work incredibly hard. Because of this...

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    • Thanks for your writing Chis! I found it very interesting. I agree with you on the fact that sports isn’t just a game to people. I can completely relate to that because football to me isn’t just a game, it’s something that I can put all of my passion into and try to be the best of the best. I also agree with your starting statement, I do think that college athletes should get paid as well. These sports are how some of these college athletes show themselves to the world and they show their accomplishments. I really look forward to whatever you write next, good job!

    • I completely agree with you Chris! I feel that college athletes work day in and day out for other people too make money off of them which isn’t right. They’re people too and it must be so hard to balance being a athlete and a student at the same time. They put they’re bodies and mental state through so much and I feel that they deserve some type of reward for that. Especially because they’re already making money but none of it is going to them. Thanks for writing Chris!

    • I agree with your Chris and athletes should get some profit from there hardwork because they do use there athletes to promote there school and to get more people to come tot here school

    • I like this perspective, but I would like to provide a counter-argument. For example, when a student is enrolled in school, a potential conflict of interest could arise between the academic aspect of school and the sports. When you attend college, you are supposed to learn; sports are a secondary aspect. When you are offering direct payment, it incentivizes situations where people attend a school solely to act as an athlete, not a student athlete. That being said, schools can make tons of money on ticket sales, so a skilled student athlete should absolutely receive something in exchange, such as a discounted or complete scholarship, and that only if they are able to keep up academically. The rest of the money from ticket sales should go directly to funding tuition and cannot be pocketed for profit by the school.

  • Dear Alex,

    I don’t understand how something as simple as a kids tv show can effect someone so much. I don’t believe that it affects you positively or negatively. If it does affect you at all, it would affect you positively in a happy mood sort of way.


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Wolf of Wall Street

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