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    I believe that teachers have a negative impact on student lives such as bad teachers and toxic environments such as school and or parish. We all know that kids will always remember their favorite teacher or administrator but we...

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    • Dear Asher,
      I am in agreement with you with your post, “Teachers” because I have seen a bad teacher or sub here and there. I agree how they compare themselves in our situation when much time has passed and things are changing every day.

      One sentence that you wrote that stands out to me is “one teacher and or administrator that completely ruined school and had such a negative impact”.I think this is very true because I’ve always remembered those experiences vividly.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I believe you write things that not many would be willing to share. I would like to possibly see maybe your own experiences that you’ve had.


  • Hey Natalie this is a very cool article about Alzheimer’s ad how there may be a potential vaccine to slow or even prevent it. Keep up the good work

  • Hey Shaw great article I do agree we have become to reliant on elections in a negative and positive way keep writing good are articles

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    body dysmorphia

    There have always been people that struggle physically and mentally. Creating a world where they can open their phone and see thousands of runway models and instagram icons has not made it easier. Body dysmorphia has created a very...

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    • Hi Asher, I definitely agree with you on that. Like your post. I do feel that a lot of my friends are getting anxiety from different social media. And they just no longer think their
      body are beautiful anymore and not confident anymore. I always feel that it is kind of off about that phenomenon. It is good to know that it has something to do with our mental health. Moreover, I strongly agree with you that people should find their own strength and care less about how perfect their body are.

    • Hello Asher,
      I enjoyed reading your post. I like the way you gave a way for us to help spread body positivity.

      I feel like what you said about males having body dysmorphia is something that doesn’t have a lot of awareness because it isn’t talked about very much. The sentence you wrote, “The other idea that body dysmorphia is self inflicting is also incorrect because there are many ways it can happen. It can be caused by other peoples’ words or even biological factors.” This is where you I agree with you because you can’t control your bodily genetics and you cannot always workout to fix what you don’t like because it has to do with your skeletal. Peoples words really do have a big affect on how people see themselves and that’s something that many people do not realize.

      Thank you for this writing, it was super interesting to read. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.

      Brandi Alvarez

    • I think this was very well written and the subject of your post may not be the easiest to talk about but you did a very good job.

        • Asher,
          I really enjoyed reading your post. You made a lot of great points and I could tell you really did your research. I like how you expanded on male body dysmorphia because it’s not common for people to talk about it. You only ever really hear about the struggle girls go through with body dysmorphia. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topic, it was nice to read from a different perspective.

        • Asher,

          The conversation about male body dysmorphia has not been talked about as often as female body dysmorphia and I am so glad you are bringing this topic up.

          The fact that body dysmorphia is “affecting approximately 1.7% to 2.4% of the population, with roughly equal distribution among men and women” is something that truly shocks me. Personally, I did not know this however I agree that ” anyone can have body image issues and it is really hard to overcome it when social media and people around you don’t believe you can have negative connotations with your body.” The fact that males are looked at to not having body dysmorphia is frustrating and like you said social media doesn’t make it any better. Social media has become so fake that the natural beauty of one’s self can often slip away. I hope that as time goes on more people begin to realize their natural beauty.
          Thank you so much for sharing this insight on male body dysmorphia. The message was clear and easy to read. I hope to read more of your post soon.

          Thank you,
          Sarahí Carreno

          • Dear, Karen
            I love that we females are happy about them bringing awareness to issues males face as well. I go to the gym and in the fitness community, it is extremely common to have body dysmorphia, especially among men, like an overwhelming amount. For so many to be dealing with this issue and still not it being talked about as much is ridiculous to me! Also, social media is not a big help when it comes to this as many influencers have an unobtainable physique for the people. Whether it’s due to drug enhancers, rigorous diets, different body types, photoshop, and all kinds of different surgeries that the public isn’t aware of. Hopefully, this issue gets more recognition and we are all able to combat it and help one another. Thank you for sharing your comment, Karen.
            Isabel Fonseca

        • Asher
          I really loved reading your post. I think that the notion that “men cant have body dysmorphia” is such a negative idea that we all need to overcome as a society. I really liked getting more educated on this topic and am going to do further research on it. You had very good points and I really loved reading your point of view on this.
          Great writing Asher!

        • Asher
          I really enjoyed reading this. Male body dysmorphia is almost never mentioned and I think it is amazing that you were able to write about it. It is a very important topic that should be talked about more. That being said I think this is very well written and I look forward to more posts.


        • Hello Asher,
          I really liked how you said we should all work together to create a positive environment for each other. We see “perfect” people on social media all the time, and it could bring a lot of us down. As someone who has both body dysphoria and dysmorphia (though more mild), I think it’s an important message to send. I always feel a lot better when I see people being supportive.

        • I enjoyed reading your post. I found it to be very interesting and informative. I agree with you that it is both a mental and physical struggle. I have a friend who struggles with body dysmorphia, and it is very hard to see her go through it. I like how you showed that everybody can experience this and that is not just something that only women experience. I agree with your ideas on how to combat this problem.

        • Asher,
          This was a great post! I never think about this subject so I’m glad you are bringing attention to it. With how easy it is to see other people on social media and be exposed to that toxic environment, it can be very damaging. I like how you stay positive even with the subject and said “We need to try harder to understand everyone’s flaws about themselves to make them realize they are strengths.” We definitely need to need to work towards creating a more positive environment. Spectacular post!

          • I agree as well, turning hard damaging emotions/environments into a positive uplifting outcome or outlet is essential. I love your point because only support and love can truly overcome such hate and impurity. I once dealt with serious issues regarding the topic but because I chose to involve myself with love I was able to turn such negative feelings into confidence. This is something everyone should attempt.

        • Asher,
          I find it interesting just how belittled body dysmorphia is when it comes to the male part of the human population. I too have had my fair share of discomforts in certain environments and find it heartwarming to see such concepts addressed and uplifted. Truly such problems adhere to people and should be taken seriously, its of great interest when you mentioned “Anyone can have body image issues and it is really hard to overcome it ” it’s important to identify what faults allow society to make it a challenge to overcome such obstacles and posts like these are the stepping stones to such as. Support as such is what inspires hope, well done.

        • Dear, Asher

          I love that you are bringing awareness to this topic especially when you said that “The idea that men can’t have body dysmorphia is so beyond wrong.” Yes! Body dysmorphia is something both males and females could experience in fact any emotion or disorder that women could experience a guy could too, I don’t know why they target it more for women, and for men, it’s just too taboo. Personally, I often get comments about my body saying that “I have a nice body” or “I wish I had your body” and I hardly ever believe that about myself because I frequently don’t see myself as such. Don’t get me wrong though, there are days when I feel beyond confident and my ego is above the roof because I feel like a greek goddess, but that same day I could look at myself and feel so disappointed at what I see in the mirror because I haven’t made any progress and look how I did since day one. It’s funny how quickly things change. How quick the mind is to play games with you and wonder why you feel like this after putting in so much work. So when they tell me that I just do a settle laugh and say “thank you”. I’ve come to accept and choose to love my body on good days and bad days regardless of what my body dysmorphia might say. This is why I agree with you that it’s important to be kind and loving to others because you never know what’s going on inside their mind and you can make a change in that for better or worse. Thank you for sharing Asher.
          Isabel Fonseca

        • Dear Asher, 

          I am very appreciative of your post, “ Body Dysmorphia,” because of the attention you are bringing to it. Body dysmorphia is something very important that should be talked about more because a lot of people struggle with this. Spreading awareness about this is something really important for many people which is why I really appreciate this post. 

          One sentence that you wrote that stands out to me is, “Body dysmorphia has created a very negative environment around the social media industry and has made many people from this generation question their worth.” This sentence really stands out to me because I do agree that the social media industry has caused people to be insecure about themselves and hate the way they look. I believe by spreading awareness social media can become a place where people feel good about themselves and don’t have to force themselves to look a certain way.  

          Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because of the way you are spreading awareness. I like the awareness you are spreading. Things like this are very important and should be talked about more. 


        • Dear Asher:
          I am magnified by your letter “body dysnomia” because as someone who it affects as well it’s harsh we are expected to have our standards high as in social media. Even though I’m not a male and can’t speak for y’all I know the pressure we are put into to stay fit and bottle up your emotions since men aren’t “supposed to care”.
          One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “Body dysmorphia has created a very negative environment around the social media industry and has made many people from this generation question their worth.” I think this is a fact because we see on social media the lives of those who are influencers who make it seem like life is perfect but behind that there are secrets we may not know.
          Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because this topic really interested me. As someone who is a bodybuilder I look into working out on what I’d want to lose or gain.


      • I agree with your Chris and athletes should get some profit from there hardwork because they do use there athletes to promote there school and to get more people to come tot here school

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