Media-Induced Elevation as a Form of Intergroup Connectedness by Miles

April 15, 2021


Media-Induced Elevation as a Form of Intergroup Connectedness

I believe that contemporary media has enlarged the polarization in our country and around the world. However, I read an article with a different perspective on how media has created unity rather than segregate us. In this article, they use research to explore how media can use its power to heighten perspectives of humanity to build the reader’s sense of connectedness with society.

The writer uses the YouTube sensation, Kid President, as an example of inspiring media content. Kid President was a YouTube child star who rose to fame from 2012-2016, who is known for his widely streamed video, “A Pep Talk from Kid President to You.” This video received national attention including from former President Obama who invited him to the White House. Media content such as this aims to bridge different communities and cultures together to show our similarities and our faith in humanity.

I enjoy reading inspiring news information, however, I believe that news coverage has an inherent bias to produce negative content to receive more public attention or to follow their political agenda. The writer of this article acknowledges this natural bias that stereotypes groups of people, however, aim the research towards counter stereotyping news coverage that aims to diminish the harmful views. This research explores how individuals from widely stereotyped groups who gain powerful positions in society are the key to disproving those stereotypes.

The writer uses the example of Oprah Winfrey, a powerful media figure as an African American woman, which goes against the large stereotype described by the research as “African Americans are usually criminals.” This research is a strong promoter of affirmative action, as minorities in stronger roles in society are the key to positive change in society. This research doesn’t directly contradict my information gatherings that news coverage has a negative agenda to gain public attention but it offers a different perspective to me about affirmative action.