Consider the organisms and bacteria living in us, for example Microscopic mites living on our faces or Friendly bacteria that help our bodies function internally. They are all apart of a system that leads to a bigger being, which is us, but then we as humans are in a system leading to something bigger than ourselves. I’m not saying what I am thinking is a totally legit theory, it’s just a fun idea, and maybe our floating piece of rock is apart of a normal functioning thing. Of course, we are more aware of our existence and surroundings than a demodex folliculorum, and trying to compare ourselves to a bacteria is a bit insulting. Then there’s those actual questions and theories about whether space ends or loops around on itself.

Our galaxy could be inside another and another, and that means space is endless and there is no edge to the vacuum we live in. I wonder sometimes if we could travel through space, would we be afraid of getting lost and we wouldn’t be able to find our way back to earth? Then there’s the other idea where our galaxy is just looping around. I see a black sphere speckled with stars and black holes are sink holes leading to other random places. How wrong is my interpretation of that thought? What happens if the sphere grew? What would the inside of the sphere mean? or are we on the inside of the sphere and black holes lead us out to a bigger place?

Does the Universe Have an Edge?  Explained the ballooning universe where we are ants living on a galactic balloon. When the sphere expands, or in this case the balloon expands, the distance to travel between a place to another is elongated. When the balloon expands, it becomes three dimensional and the universe is considered not to be three dimensional. So the analogy doesn’t really work. Then the universe could be a sphere with a horizon that seems endless, and we are ants moving round and round trying to find the end. Does the Universe Have an Edge? Entertains the idea that the universe could be endless in our heads when really it’s just looping. I don’t ever expect an actual answer, but I do like listening to the possibilities.

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December 15, 2017 6:11 am

Angelica this post really got me thinking! One of my absolute favorite things to do is think about space and the infinite possibilities it holds. This often leads my brain numb and hurting but thats part of the fun. I have thought about this idea that we are a smaller object in a larger system much like bacteria is to us and I really believe it to be true. You said, “Of course, we are more aware of our existence and surroundings than a demodex folliculorum, and trying to compare ourselves to a bacteria is a bit insulting.” This very well might not be true our intelligence is great compared to a bacteria, but we have no capabilities of understanding the limits of intelligence and we could be as smart as bacteria to something else. I believe that the Universe is never ending and therefore there and infinite possibilities of anything you could imagine. Anything you can think of and even things you can’t think of are out there far far away. Thank you for this great post making my brain once again hurt.

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