In “MAUS II,”  by Art Spiegelman, pages 41 – 74, for several months, Artie visits his father regularly to hear more of his stories. He arrives one day to find Vladek counting pills. Vladek reveals that he takes 25 or 30 vitamins every day, as well as six pills for his heart and one for diabetes. He tells Artie that doctors will only give him “junk food” and  of vitamins for himself. 

In the camp the Germany had way more guards them what they needed. For example “you have more workers than you need here…” this shows how much they were abusing them and using them for no reason. I feel like the book goes back in time a lot.

Pages 41 – 74 of “MAUS II” by Art Spielelman might leave a reader feeling angry because it shows how jews were brutally killed. An example of this is on page 41. “Between may 16,1944 and may 24,1944 over 100,000 hungarian jews were gassed in auschwitz” This makes the reader angry because it explains how jews were murder just because hitler said so and they were not viewed as humans.

We learn something interesting about one of the characters,  on page 47 where it says: “Yidl a russian jew the chief of the tinmen.” This is not typical of how this character acts in this book, so far. He often seems to be angry and hate full with other workers. This character is a communist that does not get work good with others he doesn’t like people that aren’t communist. The reader would like to be his friend because he is judgemental and someone with lots of hate.

After this part of the book, most readers probably will not be looking forward to reading the rest of this book because the book shows a lot of cruelty towards a specific racist. The characters experience what was going in on ww2 and how germany was basically hell. What’s probably going to happen next is they planned to go somewhere and something bad is going to happen.

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