A Neighborhood by the George Washington Bridge by Mario

June 15, 2021


A Neighborhood by the George Washington Bridge

I am from xboxes, Axe shampoo, and black fans that stand on the floor.
I am from the parks, playing video games in rooms for hours inside and water parks on hot days.
I am from a neighborhood by the George Washington Bridge, cars speeding fast by me and the bodega on the corner that makes pastelitos.
I am from beefy curry, flames from the gas stove, and sounds of the washing machine.
From Mirta, Mario and Sandra.
I am from the sports people, the good smelling people and the hard workers. 
from prestar atención, Marito sale a limpiar tu cuarto (Mario, go and clean up your room).
I’m from candles with angels on them and a wooden crucifix above the door.
I’m from the Heights with family from the DR.
from a sister who thinks she saw God when she was sick.
Around the house, the old box of Nintendo games I “don’t play with anymore and my parents old wedding album.
I am from those moments.