I am from xboxes, Axe shampoo, and black fans that stand on the floor.
I am from the parks, playing video games in rooms for hours inside and water parks on hot days.
I am from a neighborhood by the George Washington Bridge, cars speeding fast by me and the bodega on the corner that makes pastelitos.
I am from beefy curry, flames from the gas stove, and sounds of the washing machine.
From Mirta, Mario and Sandra.
I am from the sports people, the good smelling people and the hard workers. 
from prestar atención, Marito sale a limpiar tu cuarto (Mario, go and clean up your room).
I’m from candles with angels on them and a wooden crucifix above the door.
I’m from the Heights with family from the DR.
from a sister who thinks she saw God when she was sick.
Around the house, the old box of Nintendo games I “don’t play with anymore and my parents old wedding album.
I am from those moments.
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July 13, 2021 9:10 pm

Dear Mario,
I really enjoyed reading your poem. Not only was it personal, but it was a piece that I could relate to because I am very familiar with Heights and the details that you included. I also enjoyed learning more about you and really liked when you said, “I’m from the Heights with family from the DR. From a sister who thinks she saw God when she was sick”. This poem spoke to your cultural identity, but also to what makes you you. I look forward to reading more from you!

July 13, 2021 9:03 pm

I love Where I’m From poems and this is a great one! I liked how you used Spanish in the poem. I wonder if it was necessary to translate the Spanish and how it might change the effect if you were to just leave it and let the reader figure out how to navigate that experience. I could really see and feel the moments you were describing.

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