Should marijuana be allowed in sports? It is a very controversial question that raises many eyebrows around the entertainment world. Many players and doctors believe that THC should be taken off the banned substance list, yet coaches and league officials believe that it should stay. There are both positives and negatives to allowing recreational marijuana in sports, but which one outweighs the other?

Sports are really starting to ease up on the punishment for catching players with THC in their systems. Leagues ranging from the NHL to the MLB, according to Axios, have been making efforts to provide players with information to let them know that they will no longer be testing for the substance, as they believe there are no negative effects and it can decrease the risk for injury. However, if teams or the leagues catch players high on the drug, they are subject to a hefty punishment and fine, meaning that they don’t want the players to show up to games or practices high as it can set a poor example for the youth.

US states have been on the verge of legalizing weed since 2013, says American Bar. Marijuana has been one of the top substances on the banned substance list, and players are calling across the country to get it removed, as it has no effects worse than alcohol. One reason sports test for marijuana, is to avoid possible entanglement with the government if a player gets caught. Former Utah Jazz forward, Thabo Sefolosha, was previously suspended from the league for five games due to a positive marijuana test. Should the players take their voices to the government instead of the league officials?

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September 29, 2021 7:25 pm

I find this topic useful and very interesting, I’ve meet people who’ve been cut of from organisations due to have THC in their system. Ultimate Fighting Champlain of UFC for short have stopped the testing for THC. The reason it’s an argument is cause people think it’s a performance enhancing drug but studies proven that wrong.

December 8, 2020 9:45 pm

Conner, I enjoyed reading your post “Marijuana In Sports”! It’s a new topic so I am uneducated and curious as to how this will go down. I liked how you added some facts about it being “one of the top substances on the banned substance list” and thinking about younger generations looking up to the popular athletes. My stance would simply be that as marijuana is continuously becoming more and more popular in the US, opinions are changing and it’s becoming more socially acceptable. Therefore, it’s harder to say no and prevent usage without a good, valid reason. If you are aware of the effects both short and long term and still want to use it, I don’t see why not? If we set strict rules and allow athletes to use marijuana off the court while being safe, I don’t think it would be a problem. Conner what if you tied this new topic to the prohibition act and how this relates to the usage of alcohol when it first became popular? What about including studies of how drug usage in athletes affects the younger watchers?

December 6, 2020 1:29 am

Hello Conner,
I enjoyed what you wrote in your post, “Marijuana in sports” because you include the pros and cons of a topic that people are very split on. As this is my first time hearing about the use of marijuana in sports, so I find it interesting.

Something that caught my eye was, “Marijuana has been one of the top substances on the banned substance list, and players are calling across the country to get it removed, as it has no effects worse than alcohol.” I agree that marijuana shouldn’t be such a concern that it’ll be considered worse than alcohol. Although marijuana could also result in hefty fines for being under the influence during events for players, I think as long as it’s moderated and not hindering the player’s performance, the fines should be revoked. I’m not for being under the influence during games, I actually think it’s a negative thing if the youth find out their favorite player involve themselves with marijuana.

Thanks for your writing. I look forward to what you have next because I enjoyed the fact you brought up counter-arguments throughout your text. I also enjoyed the fact you were methodical.

-M. M.

October 30, 2020 4:19 pm

Dear Conner,
I like what you wrote about this topic, “Marijuana in sports” because I think if they younger kids see or hear that there favorite basketball player smokes marijuana then they kids will think it is fine to do the same thing. I agree with you that this topic is a controversial question because a lot of players think they shouldn’t get in trouble for having THC in their system. I agree with you that if the league catch players going to practice or going to games high then they will end up getting a hefty punishment and fine. I agree with you that marijuana has no effects worse than alcohol.

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