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As seen in many cases people have their yes and no with the COVID vaccine, which who can blame them?, the quick the virus spread and in less than a year they were able to create a vaccine. In the article “Should Covid Vaccines Be Mandatory?” it talks about some yes and no for making the COVID vaccine mandatory, but what reasons could be good enough for the vaccine to be or not mandatory? The vaccine can improve the immune system of people to be less likely to get the virus, which also they have been tested and made with no harmful formula. Something else is that using masks might become something from the past, people vaccinated would less likely be getting sick and reduce the spread of it. A no would be that not everyone is willing to take it and that it might have some side effects.

This vaccine has been taken by many people, in many they said that it had side effects and in other said that everything was fine. But, a person should not be mandated to take it. People might fear what could happen because of the quickness of scientist on making this vaccine in less than 2 years. Also, not everyone having the vaccine also affects others who do have it and try to still take care to not let the virus come back and stronger.

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May 17, 2021 4:17 pm

Hi Fatima —

I find this to be a pretty confusing issue because it pits personal choice against civic duty. Your last sentence where you point out that “not everyone having the vaccine also affects others who do have it” might be an argument for why getting the vaccine should be mandated. What were you trying to say with that last sentence? It’s seems to be different than what you say above it where you say that “a person should not be mandated to take it.”

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