Making” Your Own Shakespeare Adaptation by Do

April 22, 2017


Making” Your Own Shakespeare Adaptation

I asked myself a few questions for this creative adaptation. I questioned myself about how the bedroom was going to look like? That is why I  chose the two images to put on the sides of my stage to make it look like wall paintings in a bedroom. This was so it could represent a wealthy leader like Othello.

I also asked, How do I create my characters to look realistic? The only way I can make my characters look realistic is by printing the image from the web because I know I can’t draw the character to  make It look real.

In this challenge, I learned how to put a lot of detail in my box so that it looks presentable. And I learn how to have  teamwork with my friends on this project.

It look like that because is recreated act 5 and every aspect of it. and I trying to convey the plot of the scene.They should learn that at the end of scene 5 Othello killed Desdemona and then committed suicide  himself.