The Makeup of One Beautiful Composition by Fatoumata

January 30, 2020


The Makeup of One Beautiful Composition

Since I started remember society is not fair even though they make us believed it.I think is important to know what happen in our society how people are treated differently. The main idea of the three stories Everyday Use, The Lesson and How To Dates ...would make a good set for further study because they have many similarities. But the main idea that captivate my attention is all of the stories the characters are people of color whom faced a lot of struggles and they life is very miserable. They characters have a lack of knowledge of the world and they are traditional. All of the stories talked about family and how what is the relationship they share in the story.

Everyday Use one of the protagonist is very shine and she did not belive her self because she was burned and think she is less beautiful her sister.  The differences characters are sister and they are not closed because Maggie think they are different.

The same as in the story How To Date…. In this Story also the main character is spanish who did not have confidence on his self he thing he can date a girl so he asked an advise from someone. This story really taught me about different girls based on their race.  Therefore it’s helped a lot of teneger to know how they should be with girl and what they should do. The differences the narrator used his advised to put the kid in trouble by telling him how he should beharved with his girls friend.

For the Lesson they were about to give up about their future and their teacher took them to the beautiful city to show them what they will gain if they worked hard and take seriously their education and also what they would lose. She is really generous because trying to help black kids.  Therefore the most unfavorite people is the black community.  So this mostly due to the racial and the privilege of white people.  The differences the characters did not have a chance to have a better education and used inappropriate words to express them self.

The main point here is that three stories is that all of them talked about struggles about the characters and uneducated they are very traditional.

Photo by Alexas_Fotos (Pixabay)