Maggie’s Diary by Celines

December 3, 2019


Maggie’s Diary

Today was a great day.

When I woke up, everything looked like a normal day but I never imagined that my day had another end.

When I left my room there was a smell from the kitchen that appealed to me. Mama was cooking my sister’s favorite food. I helped her in what she needed help. Then we had breakfast. Mama told me to get ready today to go to church.

When we were in church, Mom looked different, she was very thoughtful, I didn’t know what would happen at that time. Mama starts to explain the meaning that have the quilt and why is important for her. I did not have a notion about the decision she took.

But my heart started beating faster because I feel excited because Mama would give the quilt to my sister. Mama start to discuss with my sister but suddenly happened that I can not believe that Mama is hug me. For the moment my heart stop beating and took a deep breath. I was in shock and Mama told me that the quilt have to belong to a special, humble and responsible person and this person was me.

This impact my whole life for first time Mama demonstrated me that she know of me that I’m exist. At the moment I have a lot of questions, and also I think that she was joking with me. But the reality was not she speak with the true.

I feel happy because Mama recognize that I’m the unique person that care of her. Even though I feel sad for my sister because I think she was the favorite person of Mama.  I know this is a special tradition for Mama, but I think this is something uncomfortable for the other siblings. I like that my sister was an agree with the decision of Mama and also she gives me some advice she never gave before.

I believe that this experience I learned many things like we need to know the person first that judge their actions or how the person looks.