I was born in the US, and so were my parents and siblings. My mom’s side of the family is from Sweden, but I don’t know where my dad’s side of the family is from.

In 2003, my parents had a boy. 2 years later in 2005, I was born. 4 years after that in 2009, my sister was born. All 3 of us were born and raised in Manhattan. We visit our family during the year, in the winter we fly out west to go skiing, and sometimes over the summer we will travel. 

My siblings and I have gone to public schools our whole lives. We all attended the same elementary school, my sister still goes there, but now my brother and I are in high school. 

My first time on a plane was when I went to Sweden when I was 2. In 2014, my brother and I went to sleepaway camp for the first time and we have been going back every year since. In 2017 my sister started coming to camp with me. My sister and I go to camp in Maine and my brother goes to another camp 10 minutes away. Now for the past 6 years, my brother and I have spent 2 months of the summer at camp. My sister has now been going to camp for 2 months of the summer for 3 years. Throughout my life I have been to all the states that are on the East Coast of the US,  I have also been to Montana, and Utah. I have been out of the country multiple times, I have traveled to; Canada (Nova Scotia, Ontario, Niagara Falls), Italy (Rome, Florence, and Venice), England, France, Sweden, Aruba, St.Lucia, and St.Thomas. 

I love to play soccer with my friends and family, and hanging out with my friends. 

I am close with both of my siblings, as well as my cousins. I spend the holidays with my cousins and we always have a great time.

I am lucky to be alive, have incredible friends, get the chance to go to camp, and have a loving family.   

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