This poem connects to the novel of Romeo and Juliet because they couldn’t live a happy life together because their parents hated each other. My poem is about my cousins that hate each other because they don’t belong in the same gang and i think they should love each other and not hate. I hope you like it! I’ll be looking forward to your comments. Thank You!

Love Not Hate

Ingrid Ramirez

Love not hate,

The air is twisted with violence,

the tree that symbolizes peace is upside down.


Communication is shattered

No visits or a single word.

Fear that one day death will come

Between each other.


Cousins fighting over colors

Envy, pride, and hate consumes

So they take out their anger with a gun, and with their life they resume.

It just doesn’t make sense to me!

I ask myself so many times

Why? Why can’t they just be normal and happy Like other families?

We are a family!

We should be united not separated.

Love not hate!

One comes home and another tells him,

“leave you’re not welcome here”

Then conflicts break out.


It should be “welcome” instead of “leave”

I wish one day we can all just be together,

Have fun ,and not worried that they start fighting.

We are a family!


We are Supposed to love each other and be together

Instead of hating and creating violence.

Every time we get together my heart goes

“boom, boom” and racing like a car!!

Fears come along the way…

Scared if more problems explode between them.


When the moon rises,

Guns break out.


One beautiful saturday night,

At a friends house,

at 8 p.m,

Heard a shot in front of the house.

They shoot and they kill
Wanting to show off pointless skills.


Everyone yelled.

Ran as fast as I could and saw him fall back.

Everything froze…

and then Blood started dripping down his shirt slowly

and all of sudden all on the ground.


Did a 360, looked around.

Saw people crying all around the place.

Then thought to myself, “What if this happens to my cousins?”


“I hope not”

this is why I want pure happiness and Love.


Love not hate.



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December 7, 2018 4:53 am

This poem is great it shows the bad and the good for people where you that love is the answer not hate, I like how this poem show that gun violence is all around. One question I have for you.
What is normal? What makes someone or something normal?
A websites that can help you is

November 29, 2018 5:42 pm

yo poem it´s ok

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