Love is tragic by Kalani

November 28, 2018


Love is tragic

Hi my name is kalani and this is my poem, this poem don’t really have a topic bc its kinda all over the place but I hope you would still be able to understand. ok well hope you enjoy


Growing up different is hard.

Me black and beautiful

Get oppressed by the monster named society

Oppression dance around people of lower classes

Royalty sings in the ears of people with fame and fortune

Police brutality was caused by my gorgeous

Succulent skin tone

They are afraid

Love is pain

Love is beautiful

Love is love

Our parents tell us

´´dont do drugs´´

¨drugs will ruin your life´´

And I completely agree but love is the most fucked up drug of them all

It leaves you stranded

Full of sadness and guilt

While love go find another victim to torment

Love dance around lovers hearts like doves in the sky

Love leaves lovers blinded with happiness and love at first sight

Thats where romeo and juliet messed up

So blind they don’t know each others backgrounds

Pain is like acid rain on these two star crossed lovers love it kills slowly

The family are like bullets dancing through the air

On their own beat.

hate songs are louder than love songs

Cut through the young lover hearts.

When u think about it

Love and growing up sometimes

Have to come to a close.