This poem is about love.Also, the difference between love and materialistic things and what love can do.


Love is everything

Why want materialistic things?

Those fast expensive cars won’t visit you if you’re in the hospital.

The big house won’t help you if you are feeling down.

No matter how many 100 dollar bills you have Benjamin wont come out the bill and hug you if you are in need of one.

All that jewelry won’t make you happy like love will.

Materialistic things won’t fill up that empty feeling you have inside.

Love will make you feel better.

Love will make you smile.

Love will lift you up if you are feeling down.

Love Can not be bought like some designer clothes

Love Can not be bought like make up.

Materialistic things can be recovered but broken love can’t.

Without love we cant be truly happy.

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December 12, 2018 6:34 pm

I like how you talk about how money and expensive things won’t heal you when you need someone to be by your side. I also like how you add about how money won’t make you happy. You added a lot about love and I like that because I think love is better than money and expensive things. I like how you chose to talk about Love because everyone needs love to be happy and there’s love everywhere and their is not a lot of money and expensive things around.

Jadyn Walton
December 11, 2018 9:49 pm

Dear Juan,

Your poem is sooo good. I love how you showed how love isn’t about the fancy presents or things you might have. It’s about your true feelings towards the person not your feelings towards what the person may have. You also did good on having a flow in your poem and it wasn’t just everywhere your lines connected with each other. I like when you said the materialistic things aren’t going to be there for you or save you by using examples of the hundred dollar bill when you said ¨No matter how many 100 dollar bills you have Benjamin wont come out the bill and hug you if you are in need of one.¨ You really showed how those nice things cannot help you through your rough times. Only a person you truly love or can connect with can get through to you but if your just with someone just because of the things they own it won’t happen. Overall your poem was great you explanations were very good so that I could understand your poem and what you were trying to say.

Great Job,

December 11, 2018 6:34 pm

Juan, I thought this poem was beautiful and gave insight into the true meaning of love. I liked the part about your house not being able to visit you in the hospital. A lot of times we think about all the things we’ve bought or need to buy and forget that people and connection bring true happiness. I especially liked the end where it says, “Materialistic things can be recovered but broken love can’t.” It shows us in the end to be more concerned with love then the things we have. O loved this poem and I hope to see more writing from you.

Reply to  Mary
December 11, 2018 6:57 pm

Here’s a link to another poem about being materialistic you might like.

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