Introduction: This story is Lost At Sea, made in Scratch. A story about 2 boys lost at sea who have to survive.

I made this project, with many steps. In the beginning, it was only a small idea, but through scripts and storyboards, my idea came alive.

Here’s a link to my project!

Here is my script.


Setting: Inside The Seagull  Characters: Captain Bartholomew, Jake, and Leo

Jake:[ Mopping the floor]

Leo: [Enters the scene]

Jake: Hey! Who are you?

Leo: I am the new crew member of The Seagull!

Leo: The greatest vessel on the sea!

Jake: Oh! Nice to meet you. I am Jake.

Leo: I’m Leo nice to meet you too!

Leo: When can I meet the captain of this beautiful ship?

Jake: I’m not sure, but he is extremely scary and crabby.

Leo: Captain Bartholomew is a honorable man!

Jake: That is what I thought to be true, but he hates me for a reason that I don’t know.

Jake: At the beginning it was my dream to come on this ship.

Jake: Since only one person can enter a ship every year, the competition for a spot is insane!

Jake: I studied every day for countless hours just to land a spot on this ship.

Jake: But then when I meet the man who I respected, he despised me beyond compare!

Leo: Why don’t you just leave?

Jake: I signed a paper that forces me to work on this ship for the rest of my life!

Captain Bartholomew:[He comes into view.]

Captain Bartholomew: Do you know why I hate you Jake?

Jake: No! I have no idea why.

Captain Bartholomew: It’s because you took my son, Theo, place on this ship!

Captain Bartholomew: He worked extremely hard to get a spot when you just came in  and crushed his dream!

Jake: Theo’s your son?! I remember Theo from my sailing lessons!

Captain Bartholomew: He actually looked up to you!

Captain Bartholomew: Because of this, I will banish you from my crew!

Captain Bartholomew: But I will strike a wager with you.

Captain Bartholomew: If you survive on a small boat in the middle of the sea for three days, I will allow you to live and stay on my vessel.

Captain Bartholomew: If you don’t survive, you would die in the middle of the ocean with no one to help you.

Captain Bartholomew: It is the start of winter so it would be very cold!

Jake: What!?

Leo: Why would you do this!

Captain Bartholomew:[Ignores them, and throws them out of the ship.]

Leo and Jake: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End of Act 1

Act 2 Setting: On a boat in the middle of the sea.

Jake and Leo:[ Land in the ocean]

Leo: Look! There is a small boat!

Jake and Leo: [Swim toward the boat and go into it.]

Jake: Captain Bartholomew is such a evil man!

Leo: This is all your fault!

Jake: What! It was not my fault that he threw us off the ship!

Leo: It is your fault!

Leo: Now we are going to die in the middle of the sea!

Leo: If I had not met you, I would not be in this situation!

Jake: I was blamed for something that was not my fault!

Jake: This is not my fault!

[Thunder rumbles]

Leo: How are we going to survive!?!

Leo:[Starts crying]

Leo: We’re all alone……

Jake:[Looks away]

Jake: We have to find food.

Leo: We wouldn’t be able to survive!

Jake: We just have to live for 3 days.

Jake: Then we could live on.

Leo: It’s so cold out here.

Leo: We have to live here for 3 days?!?

Leo: [Stops crying]

Leo: Look! There is a fishing rod on the floor!

Jake: We could fish!

Jake: See it’s not so bad.

Leo: Honestly, we don’t live out of this, I will curse you in the afterlife.

Jake: Fair enough.

Jake: [Picks up fishing rod and starts fishing]

Leo: I’m going to sleep and hoping for the best.

Leo:[Lays down]

Jake:[Starts crying]

End of Act 2

Act 3 Setting: A boat in the middle of the ocean, and ocean with a port close by.

Leo: I am so hungry…

Leo: I could barely speak.

Jake: The fish aren’t biting.

Leo: They haven’t biting for the last four days!

Jake: Don’t worry, Captain Bartholomew is coming today, hopefully.

Jake: He should be coming here right now, he is just late.

Leo:  If I don’t freeze to death.

Leo: It is so cold, I can’t feel my toes and fingers.

Jake: What is that in the front?!?!

Leo: Don’t tell me.

Leo: My vision is blurry and failing from the salt water.

Jake: It’s a shark!!

Leo: What!?

Jake: Yes look!

Leo: We’re going to die!

Jake: Captain Bartholomew might still come!

Leo: Stop daydreaming! He is not coming for us, he said he would come save us yesterday!

Jake: Look the shark is gone!!

[Boat rocks back and forth]

Leo: It’s rocking the boat!

Jake: Ahhhhhh!!!!!

[Boat stops rocking]

Leo: The shark left!

Jake: If we are gonna die in the middle of the ocean, I’m glad I met you!

Leo: I hate you!

Leo: I wish I never did!

Leo: My vision is entirely gone!

Jake: We are gonna die……

Leo: We have not eaten since we got here, we have no water to drink, I became blind, and were being attacked by a shark!

Leo: This is all your fault!

Jake: I’m sorry I dragged you into this.

Jake: This is my fault.

Leo: That stills doesn’t matter, we are still stuck in the middle of the ocean.

Jake: Leo, do you see that?

Leo: No, I’m blind, which is your fault.

Jake: I think that’s a ship!

Leo: What!?!

Jake: It is a ship!

Leo: We’re saved!

Jake: Yes! Yes!

Leo: Thank God!

[Jake and Leo start crying from joy]

Jake: We will live another day!

The End

With this script, it gave my story something to base it off.  One weakness of my animation, was that the motions sometimes seem unrealistic, but one thing that I really like about my animation is that it stayed true to my script, and it was pretty long.

Here is some of the code I used to make my animation come to life.screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-8-36-46-am

This is only a part of one character’s code!

With the storyboards that I created, it gave me a visual presentation of what my animation would look like in different stages. It really helped me create my animation.

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