“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep” -Scott Adams. From the time I began creating imaginary scenes out of real life situations to when I started building a business out of fashion in high school, creativity was and has always been one of my biggest passions. I find myself constantly pushing the envelope and exploring the world of art in the most unique and fascinating ways.

When something makes me lose track of time and I get lost in the moment, I recognize it is significant to me. The most prevalent example of this occurring in my life is when I am acting or creating imaginary scenes from real life situations. I think about acting more than anything else on a daily basis and nearly every situation in which I find myself. The complexity of acting is fascinating because it allows for me to be a part of an idea that is typically larger than life, out of this world, or simply an alternate reality. In my head I imagine a camera ready to film everyday scenarios and I analyze how I would approach each scene through multiple different emotions or themes. I’ve always noticed my brain works more creatively in situations where people wouldn’t typically give the issue at hand much thought and I imagine myself pushing the envelope.  Ultimately, character creation is what captivates me. It is the time with a script where I feel I am actually connecting with someone unique. I find acting enticing because I tend to overthink things in life and acting allows me to prepare for various scenarios that I’ve contemplated too much previously in real life situations. In daily interactions or conversations, I always think to myself how I could have expressed or presented myself differently and acting allows for me to fantasize a new outcome. 

Let me share another example of what makes me lose track of time on something I really enjoy. Being part of the fashion and branding world while building a business around it on my own has been a major distraction…in a good way. I’ve always found much pleasure in expressing myself in the way I dress and I think of it as art. Putting an outfit together allows for a daily creative outlet and during high school I have been able to mix the worlds of clothing and business. Since my sophomore year, I have been buying and selling pieces of clothing through an online portal I created and have continued doing so to this day. It allows me to see the details of running a business whether it be from communicating to customers around the world or being able to calculate profits from total revenue. I find it extremely rewarding going about my day while getting notifications that one of my items sold and my focus immediately turns to fulfilling the sale as everything else becomes secondary. I have been able to make this my job throughout high school. I hope to build a brand of my own and create clothing and other merchandise inspired by some of my favorite designers and creators.

Creativity is a huge part of my life and it is something I will always enjoy delving further and further into. Although I am constantly pushing the envelope in the creative aspect of life, I am amazed at how much I learn each day. Scott Adams words powerfully explain my journey so far and I know I have many more mistakes to make before I find exactly what type of art I want to create, but I am looking forward to the experience. How have your creative passions shaped your life journey?

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