From all around the world mostly African-American people who get bullied in the USA have the right to defend themselves. My name is Rim Altayar, and my topic is about Racism and the people who are impacted by it are the African-American people. They have power when they fight back and defend themselves from racism.

I chose this topic because I think that there are so many people who feel and go through these things in life being bullied because of race and because they don’t feel safe around places or people.

In my Pre-Research, this was a helpful way for me to learn more about people who get bullied in the USA and what most people have to go through. This was a way for more people to understand how other people are feeling and what should people start doing and what to stop doing which hurt people.

My first source was a website called  What people mean when they say all white people are racist. Most white people think that they are the once who always get called names and people don’t get alone with them that much. White people has so many difference between them and the black people black people think that if anyone who called them any kind of names that it could be racist for them and some people are just okay with any name that they get called. People these days get so into anything that anyone call them anything even if they say there name’s in a wrong way and they don’t mean it they think that they are trying to start funny thing about them.

In my second, more academic source called Racism hides behind the small things people say and do  Study results indicate that the likelihood of White students committing microaggressions across five common contexts goes hand in hand with several well-validated measures of prejudice. The delivery of microaggressions by White students is not simply innocuous behavior and may be indicative of broad, complex, and negative racial attitudes and explicit underlying hostility and negative feelings toward black students. People just feel unsafe with being with other people because they think that there skin color can affect with there relationship between them. There was people who is racism with what they are or they come from but they had so many feelings for how people are treating them.

In my third, source called What people mean when they say all white people are racist . It started when people had nothing that had to do anything with what was going on, but people started talking about different color skin and they had a hard time with those people who was disrespectful for other people who was different color than theirs, talking about is systemic racism—the kind based in historical inequities that has ongoing wide-reaching effects.

In my fourth,source called Are The Police Racist? – YouTube The truth really matter for most of people who care about what might happen to them with a reason or without a reason I think that people should be treated like how they wanna be treated to their self. Most people only treat others for how they think they should be treated people these day’s like looking at a fight and not going and trying to help out for a Example: they would talk more, and take a video, posting it and making drama for something that a person could just stop the drama and help out. Most people these days just start a fight of something so easy. I think that people could change if they just try their best on something for everyone to make them feel more better and more safe walking around and not thinking that someone could just attack them. People and everyone wanna walk and for them and their family or child safety they wanna let there family go out and they know that they gonna go out and come back safety  and not worrying about what could happen to them while they out with friends/fam/bf/gf or anyone they are with. People bully others it’s like something fun for them to do they don’t think about how they gonna feel or anything they just show off more and in the same time hurt that person feeling.

Can you help me, Youth Voices community, by giving me questions I can ask throughout my research?


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October 4, 2017 12:42 am

Hello there Rim, I read your first article that you had posted, and I began to accumulate a few opinions of my own while reading it. The article discussed there wasn’t only one kind of racism, and I agree with that because so many other races get discriminated against too. Then, when I read the other two topics near the bottom of the article, I couldn’t help but believe there were holes in the author’s writing. I do believe that not all white people are “openly racist” and not all black people are “openly racist” either. Some of us don’t have bitterness towards the other race, but does that stop us from having implicit biases? In the global society there is implicit bias, it’s apart of us because of the way we have been raised and conditioned to think. We are all culprits of implicit bias, and I’m not saying it’s our fault, it has to do with where and how we have been raised. All races have their own stereotypes, and our biases make us forget to see a race not as individuals but as a whole. This is where bullying begins against people who are different, they are judged and abused because of the things that have been said against their groups. I’m trying to make this generalized because this is happening to every ethnicity and race. If you would like to take this implicit bias test, here is the link, The topic is “race (‘black and white’ IAT)” -( The comment that really stuck out to me was, “The delivery of microaggressions by White students is not simply innocuous behavior and may be indicative of broad, complex, and negative racial attitudes and explicit underlying hostility and negative feelings toward black students.” I saw the link in the second paragraph as well, and that interested me a lot because I read something similar in another study. The doer of the microaggressions are sometimes unaware of what they’re doing, and other times they are. That’s where our individual part comes in where we as a community need to notice them and change how we act. Last but not least, your fourth topic made me think about the relationship between the public and police. This topic is very controversial since there have been cases previously about unfair trials where police don’t carry out their sentences after shooting a black person. I can agree that there is bias between the police and people with dark skin. People profile everyone on the streets every day, and having to add the responsibility of a cop makes a person extra vigilant. The police have to profile people without being bias but unfortunately there are some who can’t do it, or refuse to do it, and this causes tragedies. This is where your first topic ties into your last, there are macroaggressions from both sides. There is tension between the black people and the cops which make them sensitive to each other when they have interactions. The cop’s presence makes people with dark skin feel inferior at times which makes them quick to defense, even if the cops don’t mean to show any threat. It’s hard to think this isn’t an easy fix, but it can only be fixed by both parties. I do believe people who are being discriminated against should be empowered with a voice and a movement, and this topic now is a good example of giving the issue a voice. I hope this helped.

October 2, 2017 1:12 am

Rim, i find you research very interesting especially as a white conservative male. the problem Im seeing today is how out of perspective everything is especially with racial violence. for instance white people are being called white privileged or racist just because they are white and isnt that racist in and of itself? this article, , helps clear up some confusion about racism in american and cop shootings. when i talk about racism i prefer specific events that i can research and judge rather then the general topic of america is racist, i think focusing on specific event will make your argument relatable and that much more solid. I really enjoyed your post, ask me if you have questions on my thoughts and i would love to see some more posts from you.

September 29, 2017 8:30 pm

Hi Rim! The concept of microagressions you found in your research was paradoxically powerful: the strongest force of racism is in the accumulation of little, nearly insignificant actions. Another thing I found interesting was your comment on systemic racism, things like neighborhood discrimination, “the kind based in historical inequities that has ongoing wide-reaching effects.”

For your research, you should consider using the Implicit Association Test data provided by Harvard (link: One of the categories is race, and may be a very convincing example of microaggressions that are unconscious efforts.

Thank you for your post! I would especially like to see some statistics on California as compared to the greater USA.

September 29, 2017 4:25 pm

Rim, your topic of research is a very big issue in our country today. I likes that you had a lot of sources to back up your thoughts on it. Particularly the research on “What people mean when they say all white people are racist” I think if you included different points of views that combat your research, it could add depth. For example if you say so and so thinks this… however… and then explain why their opinion could be false, it would give you credibility because it would show that you acknowledge the other and that you aren’t ignorant. Here is an article you could use to do so,

September 29, 2017 3:33 pm

Rim, I am very intrigued by your topic of research. I think racism is a very important topic, and it affects the lives of many people within the United States, as well as other countries. The sources that you linked too are very insightful, and I believe that all of the reasons are issues today, and cause an issue towards racism. But on the other end, you only gave insight on whats its like to be African American and to have racism directed towards them. While I do feel that they are the ones who get a lot of the hate talk, there are other races out there that are put in the same position as blacks. I would recommend researching both sides of the story as well as getting insight from different races. I found this article about how racism is declining a little bit in America after the marches, and the new generation is more likely to stand against racism. Thanks for sharing this article, I found a lot of this information interesting, and it urges me to fight against racism. I am excited to see that further information you gather about this topic!

September 26, 2017 9:57 pm

Rim, I am very happy to see your progress and about your post because this is a big issue now days. A sentence that really stands out for me is “People just feel unsafe with being with other people because they think that there skin color can affect with there relationship between them”, because we can see right now that people feel unsafe because they are scared of racism. They don’t want be discriminated and they think they are inferior. Your post reminds me of something that is happening right now in our country with the president that we have. He is the one who is spreading racism all over the country. I think you need to improve in some grammar mistakes but nothing big and hope you improve on that next time.

September 25, 2017 11:11 pm

Rim, your research was compelling in terms of how black people can feel oppressed by certain people or the police, but your sources are all one-sided. I would suggest flipping the viewpoint on the oppressed groups. All of your sources are about the injustices suffered by African-Americans, so maybe try to see if there is any bullying coming from the other direction. That way you are able to justify your claims using evidence from all parts of the spectrum. Thanks for sharing this article, and I look forward to what information you can find in the future concerning this topic.

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