Born A Crime talks about the struggle Trevor went through and how he was different than everyone else, yet he lived through a struggle that was worse. All sides did not like him. Blacks said he is white, whites said he was black.. Not everyone accepted him, but he had his mom with him supporting him all the time and making sure he lives a better life than she did.

The second paragraph of Born A Crime by Trevor Noah might leave a reader feeling sad because Since they always say Trevor is white they treated him differently than his cousins just because he was a bit lighter than them An example of this is on page 8. “Because I don’t know how to hit a white child,” she said. “A black child, I understand. A black child, you hit them and they stay black. Trevor, when you hit him he turns blue and green and yellow and red. I’ve never seen those colors before. I’m scared I’m going to break him. I don’t want to kill a white person. I’m so afraid. I’m not going to touch him.” And she never did.

A reader’s questions might start on page 9 where it says: “My grandmother treated me like I was white. My grandfather did, too, only he was even more extreme.” This is important because I think one of the biggest events were when Trevor was trying to get to known his dad since he lived a long time not knowing a thing about his dad The author seems to be making the point that Trevor’s dad was trying to protect Trevor and his mom by staying undercover most of the times since they can’t say Trevor’s mom had sexual relations with his Swiss dad

After this part of the book, most readers probably will be looking forward to reading the rest of this book because Trevor got to see his dad again and the reader would like to see more about how he goes on about his life and fight through the struggles he been through since he was a kid. What’s probably going to happen next is I am not sure what will happen next since the author gives different parts of the story in a random order but I think it will be about how Trevor deals with stuff on his on and not depend on his mom that much anymore

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