The image on the top left is my laptop. I use it when I am extremely bored or have work to do. When I want to research something, I get my laptop because it makes researching much easier. Also, when I get important emails, I like to open them on my laptop.

The image on the top right is my Xbox One. I use this console more than anything else. It keeps me busy because it is not much else to do. I regularly play NBA 2K20 or Fortnite with a couple of friends, but I might try other games from time to time.

The image on the bottom is my living room, and it is where I spend the majority of my time during the quarantine. The biggest TV in my home is located here, so I love watching movies here. Also, the living room is next to the kitchen, which is great because I love to eat.



  1. Daniela Alberto 4 months ago

    As the article said “I spend most of my time in the living room during quarantine.” I can relate to this in certain ways. They claim to be in the living room when they want to watch movies, which is also the case at home. The only difference is I don’t get to sit back and watch the movie. Most of the time, I put a movie for my younger siblings to watch while I clean around the house. My quarantine doesn’t consist of relaxation, but more chores/responsibilities.

  2. Mauricio 5 months ago

    I like your article because I can relate to it. Also, it shows me that other people were bored at home just like I was. I also like how you did the most to not go outside to entertain the most you could. I could relate to what you saying because I also move things ar.ound and looking for ways to entertain my self during the quarantine. I like your article because it describes a lot of things you did. Hope you keep writing more articles.

  3. P & T SQUAD 5 months ago

    I like how you set up your living room for quarantine it’s make everything easy to get to tbh it’s good how Yhu still trying to do your best without going outside Yhu set up fun places in your house and dats good

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