We all knew that this year was going to be one to remember being seniors, ready to graduate, to move onto the next chapter of our lives, to live it up, and make memories of a lifetime. We never expected to stay home for three months without a true goodbye from our friends and only virtual graduation to show for all of our hard work. All our work was done online… well everything was online. We are known as the iGeneration so you’d think this would be easier, but it was full of many challenges. Skype nights with friends left much to be desired, there were no restaurants to relax in, we worried about the health of our families and friends, and many of our jobs got cut short. This left me feeling displaced filling my time with Netflix, naps, food, school, and what day is it again? As I reach the end of my senior year I am trying to focus on the things to hope for, seeing my friends for the last time, having a little summer, moving on, and kissing this chapter of my life goodbye. I discovered the people I want to keep in my life, how to cook a plethora of goodies, how to paint a room, that I miss being with people, and that my screen time is scary.

There is this weird dichotomy going on right now where life itself is immensely boring but this time will be remembered forever. We, as humans, always live through history but this is a defining moment for us. Years from now when I say I am part of the class of 2020 people will have extreme reactions. This is a year of infamy and we are a class that will be remembered, maybe not in the way we always dreamed of, but life never goes the way it is planned. All we can do is realize that life will not always be this way and that this too shall past. I’ve had my days of immense sadness, frustration, anger, glimpses of happiness, hope, and neutrality. The one thing that makes this all better is that knowing through it all I’m not alone. Everyone in the world is dealing with this radical change in different ways, coping how we know, and staying safe to varying degrees. Only now are we starting to see the beginning of the end, albeit some things are happening a little too soon, and the world is trying to cope the best it can by reopening. Each of us wants a different thing from the reopening, for the politicians, it’s the money, for others it’s mental health, and for some it’s freedom, but all of us know that this time is unforgettable. I wanted this time to be one to remember differently with get-togethers, going away parties, summer trips, no cares in the world, and with a smile on my face. So, no, my senior year isn’t going as planned and as immensely jealous of the Sophomores as I might be, I know that this is only making me stronger, more remembered, and I’m getting some free donuts from Krispy Kreme out of it… so what more could I ask for?

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