In the article, “Why Is Biden Resurrecting Trump-Era Border Rules?” (Rampell 2023) I have learned that the demand for asylum from immigrants is very high and that the spots for asylum have become limited. So President Joe Biden is creating rules at the border that are quite similar to what Former President Donald Trump set up when he was president. So this has started with Trump’s “asylum-travel ban” policy on immigrants applying for asylum. This of course prohibited most immigrants from applying for asylum. This has sparked outrage among people calling it inhumane. When Joe Biden became president in 2021, Biden lifted these bans which now allowed people to apply for asylum. It soon got out of control as so many migrants sought asylum. So much to the point where asylum spots became greatly limited. It was eventually decided that a new rule was proposed, which would ban most migrants who pass through other countries for the United States’ southern border. Which mirrors Trump’s “asylum-transit ban”. But unlike Trump’s ban, some migrants are able to apply for asylum under some conditions. 

I think what is going on at the Southern Border is a very serious situation. It must be unbearable that you are granted asylum but in the end, you don’t cross the border and you are forced to go back to where you came from, which could possibly be a dangerous place. 

As I continue to learn about the border and migrant crisis, I would like to know why these many immigrants are trying to seek asylum and if they could find a solution to their issues if they could not get accepted.

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November 27, 2023 5:24 pm

Dear Jason S,

Your post made me think that immigrants shouldn’t be held hostage. And that should be treated like normal beings.Something I wonder is why be different on them?

Sincerely, Alicia 

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