Dear President,

   My name is Damaris and I have an issue to which I am concerned about, the problem being the way  immigration and immigrants are handled in this country My problem is being a daughter I care for my parents and their well being and as I have grown older I have come to realize that immigrants have no type of health care services or retirement help for when they reach a certain age that no longer allows them to work to sustain their families. Most of the immigrants in the U.S have been here for generations for more than 20 years, to them this has become their home. Many see this as their country, yet the country they see as their home does nothing for them. They have no say in the laws that affect their lives day to day they have no health care and no benefits.

   I grew up in the Bay Area where most of the population are immigrants and are undocumented. In fact, 2.67 million of the population in the United States are immigrants. Most immigrants do the jobs that most people would never do, from house cleaning, being a maid, being a janitor, to picking crops out in the sun for hours. Many of these people live in fear of being separated and deported. From experience I know it is scary knowing that someday I could wake up and not have my mother. Many of the people I grew up around would never go into the doctor’s office or to the hospital when hurt, sick, injured or dying because of  fearing on not being able  to pay for medical bills.  

   My mom came to the U.S on visitation and ended up staying here and starting a family. My mom has been here for now more than 20 years.She has worked up to 3 jobs at a time and has never had a vacation, never had benefits, never stopped paying taxes. She is deducted healthcare services from her paycheck, but has no medical health care.  My mom got here when she was 25 she is now about to be 52, and she will not be receiving social security money when she gets too old to work. My question is: what will happen to all the immigrants with families who won’t be able to support their families when they get older? My mom has grown to love the U.S and has claimed it to be her home. My mom says she doubts to ever be able to return to her country because she is so accustomed to the U.S and her life here. Like my mother, 74 percent of immigrants who are asked if they would return to their motherland reported they planned on staying in the U.S. My mom is not a criminal she is a very hard working women who has gone above and beyond to  support her family with the skills and resources she has gained from her life and from being in the U.S and struggling to make a living. I have looked up to my mother because although she had a language barrier she overcame it and learned english, as well as she gave me hope and inspired me to want to make a difference in my society by going to college and educating myself. Like my mother, there are many immigrants that have gone above and beyond to support this country and their families. The U.S does not accept immigrants as U.S citizens although they have shedded tears and sweat to help build this country and are not acknowledged their efforts and their part in society.

   Many of the immigrants who come to the U.S are running from war or crisis in their countries. 8 out of 10 said they would never go back to change the fact they came to the U.S because it gave them a life they did not have at home, and it offered them opportunities. Many people are against immigrants receiving aid from the government. 8 out of 10 immigrants qualify to receive help from the government but rather work and fear that they will be discovered if they fill out the paperwork needed to receive help. Health services should have some type of policy that does not allow them to share immigration status on patients and there should be paperwork that allows immigrants who need health care to receive it and not be afraid. This is important to immigrants and their families we should be able to have rights and voice out what we believe needs to be changed. Immigrants live in fear and fear is not a way to live.Yes, immigrants are Americans because they have absorbed so much of the American life that their own culture and country is only memories. Many people do not understand that this is now the only home that immigrants see because the U.S is where they have their children and families. This immigration situation has been happening since I was young and it is our responsibility to voice our opinions but yours to do something to show change and show that you care about your country both immigrants and native born. This should also be an eye opening to the public and make them realise that not all immigrants are bad and it is up to us to help one another and do what is right for our country. We can not keep separating  families we can not keep under mining immigrants because without immigrants our lives would so much different. It is up to those with knowledge on immigration to speak up and share our stories to help make a change. With every person we make knowledgeable we gain someone on our side. Immigrants are America. The United States of America was built up by immigrants so immigrants created this land for all of us to live in.

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