Life Goes On by Gaby

March 1, 2019


Life Goes On

This one is for those of you living the ¨big snooze.¨
And for those of you sleeping your way through life.

Life goes on.

You can fall off, but the merry-go-round
And trust me you need the merry-go-round,
than it needs you.
And in the end,
You can choose,
To hop back on,
Or get left in the dust.

Because life goes on.

There will be times,
When it seems all is lost,
And all hope for success,
Has long since vanished,
But you must be strong,
carry on, 

And remember, that life goes on.

Things won’t stop for your pauses and procrastinations,
and they won’t stop for your confusion or fear.
They will continue right along without you.
Whether you play an active part,
or not.

Life really does go on.

Once you realize this,
You can understand,
That when good things fall apart,
It leaves room for even better things,
To fall together.
Soak this up,
And accept it for all its unknowns.
Keep an open mind,
And attack this life with all you have to give.
Because the truth is,
You really only hurt yourself,
When you live as the smallest person you can be,
instead of the biggest.

Because to sum life up in three words:

In this assignment, we were asked to write a poem with a repeating phrase and message. The poem is also supposed to have a bigger meaning. For my poem, I first brainstormed different phrases to go in between my stanzas. The one I decided on was ¨Life Goes on.¨ I enjoyed this assignment because I like writing poetry and I was able to really express myself. When I read this poem, it makes me think about the deeper meaning of life and the point of living. When other people read this poem, I hope they also question these things. Remember, life will always go on.