Life As A Physical Therapist by Andrea L

April 25, 2022


Life As A Physical Therapist

In the article CAREERS: Physical Therapist (btw), I learned more about Physical therapy as a career, its perks, and its downfalls. After completing all of its education and training, job security is confirmed, especially in the US. Along with helping patients get better, job satisfaction is something many experiences through seeing a patient’s progress. Many might see this career as a downfall due to the stress it brings to many. Having to bear with a person’s physical trauma from whatever they experienced daily can be stressful to a person and can be challenging to bear it.

I believe this career to be an interesting profession to go into and I, myself, considered going into it. Physical therapists have the ability to help others in a life-changing way and having this as your job can be great when it is something you enjoy. Even then, there will always be those days, like in any other careers, where it will be difficult to finish off the day, At the end of the day, I believe this profession is helpful and worthwhile for those who are of interest in helping others.

Is this a career you would consider?