Life by Dominique

April 12, 2021



There will be days when you laugh so hard your stomach hurts but there will also be days when you cry so much that your tears will form a river.

Sometimes we ask ourselves, why is life so unfair!? Is life really unfair though?

Life often comes with plenty of downfalls and tragedies but life also comes with many blessings. Many of the things we go through will break us down just to build us back up. We often ask ¨why me¨ but instead, we should say ¨try me.¨

Life is unfair to all of us and each of us goes through things that nobody knows about but the solution to it all is going through it. No matter how hard or tough your situation may be as long as you do not give up you will eventually be on the path to sunshine, or something a little better.

Life is all about growth and elevation so life often puts you in situations that are for your own good even though it might not seem like it. As long as you grow through what you go through you will be okay.