I am more of an observant person and tend to observe every little detail about everything. I’ve always asked myself why do this, instead of doing this, but at the end, my “whys'” were never answered through specific answers but rather through lessons, actions, consequences and so forth. Life, in general, is an intriguing process and we as human breath about 17,000-30,000 breaths per day, 115,200 heartbeats per day, blink our eyes about 28,800 times in a day and I can go on and on to name things that we do naturally without even taking time to think about it or even notice it.Life is precocious and yet we complain every time about our failures, pain, mistakes even achievements. We should embrace life and live it fully, which does not mean waste it but make something useful of it.

We constantly reminded of the purposes we have in life, but what should matter the most is not setting purposes being a purpose for someone to smile. We are always afraid to make mistakes and that restrains some of us to even try new thing, afraid they’ll fail. For me, life is an experiment and we should all be open to new experiment and be aware that yes we’re gonna fail but we’re going to learn from those mistakes.

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November 17, 2017 7:16 am

Dear, Jessica
I agree with you that why do we always question ourselves but our whys” never get answered into we go thorough a lesson or learn something. However, I agree with you that life is precious, that were always complaining about our failures in life, and that we need to embrace ourselves we only live once and we should make the best out of it even though sometimes we go through tuff times. One reason I say this is because I always question myself “what is the purpose of living” and “why” I’m always scared of making mistakes in my life that I feel like it would impact me a lot. Thanks for your writing. I look foward to seeing what you write nest, because it really caught my attention of life and the purpose.
Sincerely, Karyme <3

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