Hello, my name is Ruyi. My classmates and I started a digital activism project. The overall goal for this project was to raise support for LGBTQ healthcare equality. LGBTQ members are discriminated in healthcare settings such as doctor offices or hospitals. There are also political problems such as Trump repealing the Affordable Care Act that the Obama administration made to protect the LGBT community. We wanted to raise awareness for this inequality that occurs daily and can endanger lives. In this digital activism project, we started a blog, petition, social media account and a visual presentation of a subtopic to our main topic. Our blog does not have many views and our petition has 27 signers. However, we were still able to raise awareness, even if it was a little and I was able to learn more about my topic. Thus, our project was successful because we were able to raise awareness and I was more aware about this problem.

Our project was successful because our group was able to raise a bit of awareness. For instance, we have posted about 70 blog posts to our blog which we started in February. Throughout these months, we have accumulated about 37 views. This means that at least a few people have viewed one of our posts and learned about this topic. Adding on, even if not many people viewed our blog posts, I enjoyed making them and learning more about this topic myself.

    Also, our petition has about 27 signers on change.org. This means that at least a handful of people have recognized this problem that exists and cared enough to sign it. These people are more aware of this inequality that can endanger lives. Therefore, as long as someone has learned more about our cause, it is successful. Even if no one did, my group learned a lot from all the research and the politics behind it.

Ultimately, my evidence supports the fact that our project was successful. Our evidence conveys that we raised some awareness, even if it wasn’t much. To improve my project, I would have posted more on our social media account and promoted our blog and petition more. Also, I would make more effort to make quality blog posts like replying to an article or another blogger that wrote about the same issue. Additionally, I would add more posts to the blog and be more interactive with our followers. If I had to completely redo our project, I would choose a different but related topic to raise awareness for that issue as well.

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December 10, 2019 8:01 pm

Hi Ruyi,

I think you have a perfect idea, and it’ll be a great project. Equality is important everywhere, I’m appreciate that you are making a different.


December 9, 2019 7:27 pm

Dear Ruyi,

I think this is a great project and I support what you are trying to do. I believe that everyone should have the same rights and I think that it is good that you are addressing that and trying to make a change. The website https://lgbt.columbian.gwu.edu has a lot of good information about it that may help your research as well.


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