Letter to Tulsa by Iajanay

March 3, 2022


Letter to Tulsa

Dear Brad Grison (Editor/Executive Director)

I’m writing to you about The Massacre of black Wall street; a Graphic novel. I am a student at The U school and we have been learning about the history of black wall street. In this novel, I have learned that the white community had destroyed everything they messed up their whole community. These white mobs have killed over 300 people and left thousands homeless and spent about 50 million dollars on all the lost property. This white lady said that this man attacked her when really he just stepped on her toe. I also learned that rumors can spread fast because first, it was he stepped on her toes then it was he attacked her. First, I would like to share my reactions after reading and annotating the HBO watchmen sponsored partnership production, The Massacre of Black Wall Street Graphic Novel, In my annotations that 23 black Oklahomas were lynched by white mobs. In this first picture I saw, you can tell that it’s a nice place. Another thing that I learned from the story is that black men were targeted by whites this man just wanted to get on the elevator and he couldn’t.In addition, from our reading and research, I learned some important social and economic conditions that existed in 1921 that connect to our present-day, 2021. In the Hisory.Com article,  Entrepreneurs Who Helped Build Tulsa’s ‘Black Wall Street (History.com) I learned about How the white mobs ruined over 50 million dollars worth of property,I also learned that black people had to help him, get out of this situation. Lastly, I would like to ask a question or offer compliment/ criticism about The Massacre of Black Wall Street: Graphic Novel. I liked everything about the novel from the pictures to what happened to everything y’all did an amazing job.


Iajanay oxner