June 24,2016


Dear President,


While the other children were at the playground, my ears were focused on the stories my parents had to share with me. They were stories based on their past which created tears in my eyes. My father had a very difficult childhood. His father was an alcoholic who would hit him, and his mother abandoned him two times when he was six and ten, without any food or water to sustain himself. In his academic career he only reached sixth grade because he devoted himself to work in order to provide food for himself and his five younger siblings. My mother, on the other hand, grew up with no affection from her father. “Mari”, said my grandfather, I wish you would have never been born.“ She was in search for love from another man and that is when she got pregnant at the age of sixteen from my father. She was only able to reach tenth grade because her responsibility to take care of me took up much of her time. These are the reasons why my parents decided to come to the land of opportunities because they did not want to follow the steps of their parents. They wanted to overcome their past and improve themselves to become better parents for my siblings and me.


Every night I smile and begin immediately to do my homework because now I want to improve myself to give them a better future. I yearn to build a better future for my family as well as myself. I owe much to my family and I will repay all they have given me through all I accomplish and who I become. My dream is to save and change lives through a medical career. Their past has created the individual I am today. If they would not have gone through what they did I would not be as dedicated to my studies as I am. Even though they cannot help me with my studies they are willing to work extra hours in order to gain the money needed to pay.


I am so grateful for them and this is why I have decided to write to you. I am speaking on behalf of all the immigrants who desire a better future but are not able to because they are undocumented. They are not able to attend college, visit their family back home, and are always afraid to live on this land because of deportation. Can you imagine living in fear? Why do these individuals have to live in fear if all they want to do is better their lives? No human should be discriminated because they are illegal. Honestly basically we are all illegal except for the Native Americans.  Discrimination has grown throughout the years and it has to come to an end. They help America grow because they are willing to do any type of job they can find. For example, work on the fields which gives us the food we have, wash dishes at restaurants, clean bathrooms, etc. They do not walk around the streets asking for money they work for it! They say that immigrants take the jobs of the americans but that is not true because they tend to get the lower paying jobs since they do not have the same education as those that are born in the US. Many economists have shown that immigration increases the wages of US born Americans. That is because the US born Americans believe they should have a higher salary than those who are undocumented. The total wage, business and income salary of a US born is about 85.3% of the economy while an immigrant only takes up about 14.7%. This shows how significantly different an immigrant is treated according to pay.


I am asking to only deport those who bring harm to this country and keep those who have worked hard to contribute and make this land a better place through their labor. Individuals who deserve the right to be here should be documented. It is not our place to judge all Latinos as “criminals” because that is not true. That is called stereotyping which society needs to get rid of because at the end we are all human.




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