Dear Donald Trump,

Please consider to not getting carried away with your negative speeches because I see some people can be offended by what you say. I’m saying this because I saw some people not voting for you that much anymore.

One example is violating girls by calling them ‘pigs.’ Another one I heard that people say that you will deport undocumented immigrant back to their country which why people also stopped voting for you. They came here to start a new life and to survive more if their real land is full of disaster. They probably came here for a job or for food and water to survive. Mostly the immigrants come from lands that have not much water, food, or land so they come to the U.S. or other countries.

That is mostly why people stopped voting for you. Also you were being offensive and racist toward African-Americans.


Photo by Mike Licht Creative Commons

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November 29, 2016 5:25 am

I agree with you that Trump was very offensive with many things that he said, and its true he needs to watch what he says to the people he will be leading. Many people are furious about these outcomes because of the things he has said and the ways he has deeply offended many members of many groups in America. Now, its time for him to figure things out and start being professional.
This writing has such a solid based idea but the gravity that it could’ve had gets lost in the grammar, sentence structure etc. You could use more sources and valid evidence to support your reasoning for what line Trump had said and why/ how they offended certain groups. People enjoy reading articles that have good evidence. To make this post stronger you should consider adding quotes and real reactions from certain people around america.
Again, I enjoyed the idea that this was built on but in order to make it stronger, consider the changes that I have suggested. It’s always great when you can take an issue such as this and turn it into a motivational work. Good Job!

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