From researching Chancellorsville I learned their was so violent going on,people got injured. A man from Ohio drove his Dodge Challenger car in to the group of protesters. He was arrested by he left so many damages and have killed one person which was the death of  Heather Heyer who stand out for what she believed in but was kill by that man who droves his car in the crowed of people. many the non violence people was standing out for what they believed in they wanted to removed a statue of Robert. E Lee he was the was the civil war leader who was one most of top popular but people didn’t want the statue of him

From my own experience  me as I am growing up in america. there’s no  peace only when I get to church that where peace at. Getting going on other place school their fight on streets I heard gun shots well another place where their is peace sometimes is at home. Also knowing that having a leader who is racism. Donald Trump don’t want any immigrants to United States why because he think that migrants are bed but immigrants are some people hard workers they trying to have a better future looking in forward to complete what they want.this is  Is what I experienced from growing up in United States.

I guess they should focused on stopping gangs from making violence because people are afraid of them and people shouldn’t be afraid. People who are a member of a gang group once they committed a crime they shouldn’t be out of jail they should stay in jail for a long time. Personally Im in Oakland there is a lot of violence and people being killed because of gangs. Now days people are afraid to wear a certain color of shirt. Gangs should be stopped because young kids are involved in gang groups and they don’t get their education. Our leaders priority should be stopping gangs and that Oakland and other places should be calm and not being afraid of gangs group.

Some ideas that leaders rather figure out a way to what people believed in not in a violent way that they are fighting over n have to killin people lives. leaving people injured that not a good way.what I mean by that solving problems in peace is that people stand what they beli

From seen what going on right now. That shouldn’t be happening I am looking forward in the future to be something good and calm where everyone is welcomed from certain race or culture in the america because right there most not all everyone are welcome in right now.



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